Experience the Machining Stability
With extra rigid double column construction, high speed spindle as well as high cutting feedrates, the GT-HRS1000 has been fully recognized by the mold making industry.
Its outstanding features make the machine unique on the market.
Four Linear Guide Ways on Base (X-axis)
X-axis is mounted with four heavy duty linear guide ways in combination with great span between linear ways for increasing loading capacity. In addition, no table deformation will occur even under a heavy load condition.
Optimal Structural Design
Double column structure features ultra-high stability in high speed machining.
The table is independently installed on the base and fully supported by 3 roller-type linear guide ways through the entire stroke, assuring mazimum accuracy and dependability.
One-piece Constructed Columns
The specially designed double-column, high speed machine structure combined with one-piece constructed column fully exhibit structural rigidity and stability during heavy cutting.
Three Axes Liner Guide Ways
Roller type linear guide ways on three axes feature higher feed rate, resist heavier loads and ensure superior dynamic accuracy and long service life.
X axis is mounted with four linear guide ways for superior rigidity.
Servo Motor Drives on 3 Axes
Three axes are driven by powerful servo motors. Their power can reduce machining time for large molds and increase profitability.
Deformation Free
All casting parts are stress relieved and treated for lifetime accuracy without any deformation.
High Accuracy
Positioning accuracy : 0.005 mm / Full Stroke. (ISO-230-2)
Repeatability : < 0.004 mm / Full Stroke. (ISO-230-2)
Three axes are equipped with Heidenhain optical scales.
Three Axes Feed Rate
Rapid feed rate : 20 / 18 / 20 m/min.
Cutting feed rate : 20 / 18 / 20 m/min.



Travel (X / Y / Z) 1,400 x 1,600 x 700 mm
Cutting Feed Rate 20 / 18 / 20 m/min
Rapid Feed Rate 20 / 18 / 20 m/min
Table area 1,500 x 1,450 mm
T-slot 18 x 120 mm
Height of Table from Ground 1,115 mm
Distance from spindle nose to table surface 100 ~ 800 mm
Max. Load of Table (Average Load) 2,500 kg
Max. Spindle Speed 18,000 rpm
Type of spindle speed Built-in
Bearing Lubrication Oil-Air
Spindle Cooling Water-cooling
Spindle Taper HSK-A63
Spindle Motor 29.5 kw
Spindle torque 70.4 Nm
Spindle bearing Ins.diameter Ø70 mm
ATC capacity 20 / 40 (Opt.)
ATC tool system HSK-A63
Max. Tool Diameter Ø110 mm
Max. Tool Length 300 mm
Max. Tool Weight 8 kg
Motor of Tool Magazine 60 w
Controller SIEMENS
Servo motor for 3 axes X: 25 kw / Y: 25 kw / Z: 14.6 kw
Air Pressure Requirements 7 kg / cm2
Air Conditioner 750 w
Spindle Cooler 1.2 w
Automatic Lubricator (Slide Ways) 150 w
Coolant motor 2 w
Chip flush motor 2 w
Total Power Consumption (Max.) 68 kw
Coolant Tank Capacity 1,170 Liter
Machine Dimensions 4,670 x 3,983 x 4,600 mm
Machine net weight 25,980 kg

*Above specifications are subject to change without prior notice.

B axis NEO Tilting axis Kessler Tilting axis
Total Speed Reduction Ratio 1:1
Max. Speed 30~40 rpm
Indexing Accuracy ±5 sec
Clamping Torque 1,250 Nm 650 Nm
Tolerant Cutting Force 800 Nm 280 Nm
Rotary Angle ±115∘ ±95∘


C axis Table Rotary Axis
Worktable Area Ø1000 mm
Center Bore Diameter Ø60H7 mm
Load Capacity 2,500 kg
Total Speed Reduction Ratio 1/1
Max. Table Rotation Speed 90 rpm
Indexing Accuracy ±5 sec
Clamping Torque 4,000 Nm
Tolerant Cutting Force 2,310 Nm


  • Coolant tank
  • Work lamp
  • Tool box
  • Coolant pump
  • Coolant system
  • Spindle cone air blast
  • Air conditioner for electrical cabinet
  • M.P.G
  • Work end indication light
  • Spindle thermo compensation function
  • Caterpillar type chip conveyor and chip cart
  • Central lubrication system
  • Operation and maintenance manuals
  • Leveling bolts and blocks
  • Two chip augers beside work table
  • Ethernet socket
  • X / Y / Z axes optical scale
  • B / C axes amgle encoders
  • Automatic tool length measurement (Laser Type)
  • Automatic parts measurement device (Center Calibration)


  • CTS Coolant through spindle
  • Oil skimmer
  • 40T Arm type magazine