Built for High Precision Mold Machining
Based on Gentiger’s traditional concept of “Dedicated to Excellence”, the newly developed GT-V72 Double Column High Speed Machining Center not only has a rigid and stable structure, but also exhibits unmatched performance in high speed, high precision machining. The GT-V72 is equipped with an 18,000 rpm, BBT-40 direct drive spindle. Upon request, a HSK-A63 spindle is available. With 20 M/min. of cutting feed rate and 30 M/min. of rapid feed rate on three axes, high speed machining is easy to achieve. The Gentiger GT-V72 is a high efficiency machine that is specially designed for precise, small mold machining. Choosing the GT-V72 will keep your machining competitive.
Double Colum High Speed Structural Design / A Perfect Combination of Speed and Stability
The Gentiger GT-V72 is specially designed with the advanced T-shape construction to maximize rigidity. In addition, the width of the column is the same as the base. The table is independently moved on the base, and fully supported throughout the entire stroke. These features enable the machine to maintain maximum accuracy year after year.
Outstanding Rigidity
Regarding to its specially designed structure and optimal accuracy, the Gentiger GT-V72 makes small mold machining easy and effortless.

Advanced T-shape construction helps upgrade stability.
One-piece constructed column and beam provides higher rigidity.
Effortless and smooth motions fully meet high speed machining requirements.
X, Y, Z-axes are mounted with roller-type linear ways for high speed traverse, Extra heavy loading capability
Rapid feed rates on X, Y, Z-axis: 30 M/min.
Cutting feed rate on X, Y, Z-axis: 20 M/min.
Positioning accuracy: 0.005mm/Full Stroke.
Repeatability accuracy: < 0.004mm/Full Stroke.
Cutter balance is calibrated to within.

GT-V72 GT-V72



3 Axes Travel (X / Y / Z) 720 x 500 x 400 mm
Table Sizes 750 x 500 mm
Max. Spindle Speed 18000 rpm
Spindle Type Direct drive
Spindle Taper BBT-40 / HSK-A63(Opt.)
Magazine Capacity 16 tools


  • Coolant tank
  • Work lamp
  • Tool box
  • Spindle air blow system
  • Chip air blow device
  • Air conditioner for electrical cabinet
  • MPG
  • M30 work and inspection light
  • Fully enclosed splash guard
  • Central control lubricator
  • Operation and maintenance manual
  • Leveling bolts and pads
  • Network function
  • Spindle heat compensation system


  • Three axes optical scales
  • Oil and lubricant separator
  • Oil mist cooling system
  • Oil mist collector
  • Auto tooling measurement
  • Auto workpiece measurment
  • Coolant through spindle
  • Coolant gun
  • Transformer
  • Graphite dust collector